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The use of drones in photography has become dramatically popular in the last decade – capturing aerial footage has never been easier; and the drones themselves have become cheaper as the demand for them has increased. The downside of this is that since anyone can start a drone service business nowadays, you never know if you will be getting the quality and professionalism you deserve. That is where we come in.

What Makes Drone Photography Unique?

Drone photography has become such a hot trend in both marketing and event coverage because of the whole new perspective, that it (literally) adds to photography and videography. Additionally: 

  • Even though we have all seen drone footage at some point, it still feels new and impressive whenever we see it again – humans simply are not used to having a bird’s eye view of things after all!
  • Drone photography expands your horizons – again, quite literally – because you can shoot the area you want to focus on as well as its surroundings. 
  • Fun fact: some of the most breath-taking and dramatic shots in your favourite movies were shot using drones, and now you can achieve similar shots in your own footage too!
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Bristol Drones: Our History and Vision

Founded in 2014, Bristol Drones is your friendly neighbourhood aerial photography business in, as the name says, Bristol. We believe in ‘Going Above and Beyond;” both literally with our drones and figuratively with our reliable services! At Bristol Drones, we understand how exciting the prospect of putting a camera in the sky and capturing that view can be, and we believe in sharing that experience with our clients. If you have been looking for cost-effective but high-quality Drone Services in Bristol, then you have come to the right place! 

Since our conception in 2014, we have established multiple subsidiaries in areas around Bristol; these are Bath Drones, South Gloucestershire Drones, Wiltshire Drones, City Drones, and County Drones – all born out of the lack of professional drone services in Southwest England that led to the creation of Bristol Drones. Our vision has always been to be able to provide an all-in-one solution to our clients for both commercial and recreational projects!

Why Should You Choose Bristol Drones?

We know what you are thinking; out of all the Drone Services in Bristol, why should you go for ours? The short answer is that we have plenty of experience with both the use of drones and with developing and editing their footage – and we combine this experience with a “the customer comes first” mindset to provide the kind of services that make you happy. We put people over profits – building and nurturing long-term relationships with clients is more important to us than making cash. 

Yellow fields in the countryside from Bristol Drones aerial photography bristol

Our Drone Services in Bristol

All of Bristol Drones’ packages start from £150 and go up to £850 – but we are quite flexible and will always make certain that the package you buy is just right for you. We can adjust the said package until it meets all of your requirements and falls within your budget. All our packages have a certain mix of services and timings, but we can, again, create a custom mix for you as you wish. 

We offer aerial photography services in many of Bristol’s industries, such as film and TV, marketing, and events like weddings. We also offer post-production services. 

Drone Services Bristol are still fully operational during the Covid-19 pandemic – all our services are available with all of the precautions that are necessary to ensure social distancing and minimise travel and contact.

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Weddings & Events

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Commercial & Industry

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Film & Television

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Our Drones

All our drones are equipped with high-quality aerial cameras that capture sharper footages than those traditionally captured using helicopters and aeroplanes – and at a much more affordable price point. We have both manned and unmanned drones – all in the latest available models; we update them as soon as new models are introduced in the market. Our drones can travel up to a maximum altitude of 400 ft. or 121m, and can remain in the air for up to 25 minutes per battery without needing to take a break – although this varies depending on the sort of task being performed and the weather conditions.

The pilots for our manned drones are licensed and experienced – their qualifications allow them to work in line with whatever requirements your project has. Drone Services in Bristol also hold a Permission for Commercial Operation Certification from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Unlike other aerial photography providers in Bristol, we take public safety measures a step further by using a £5 million public liability insurance to cover all the projects we undertake.

Compact Bristol Drone
Hovering DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone with trees in the background from drone services Bristol
DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Ideal for capturing professional drone shots on a small scale

Speed: 45 mph
Height: 120m
Distance: 4 miles

Video: 4K
Photo: 5472 × 3648
Storage: 8GB

Flight: 31 mins
Weight: 907g

Professional Bristol Drone
DJI Inspire 2 Drone hovering with blue sky behind, on set for aerial photography Bristol
DJI Inspire 2

Ideal for large professional drone jobs of any size

Speed: 58 mph
Height: 120m
Distance: 4 miles

Video: 5.2K
Photo: 5472 × 3648
Storage: 128GB

Flight: 27 mins
Weight: 3.4kg

Our Team

Our team consists of professionals and experts – we have drone pilots, photographers, videographers, film editors, and spotters. Our team’s collective experience and dedication are some of the biggest reasons why we have returning customers so often – and it also helps us keep up with our goal of being every Bristol resident’s first choice when it comes to aerial photography!

Drone Photography FAQs
What does drone photography cost?

Although the rates vary depending on any specific aerial photography requirements you may have, drone photography can generally range from around £175 to £300.

Why use drone photography?

Drone photography is able to open up angles that can commonly not be achieved by normal photography. Drones are perfect for collecting large amounts of imaging data, and are the best for capturing high-quality aerial shots. They can be easily operated and deployed even with relatively minimal experience, and can be programmed to precise locations, which is helpful in many fields of work.

Is drone photography worth it?

Although drone photography can be more expensive than your average photo shoots, the truckload of advantages it comes with makes it totally worth it. Drones include every possible factor you may need when getting a shoot done- image systems, intelligent features, portability and flight safety amongst others.

Drone technology allows you to conduct shoots and receive quality results that could previously only be taken from planes or helicopters. With the ever increasing popularity in aerial photography as evidence, it is no question that drone photography is extremely advantageous.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, drone photography is legal in the United Kingdom, but there are certain drone regulations to be followed.